I dunno what to do

I just asked my extremely, now seemingly supportive partner for the space I need to get better as he and his 5 year old almost new editions 9 months have to not be here all the time now. They moved in, they’re my triggers. I realised today.
His reaction was immediately to cry and get the what about me’s despite the fact nothing will change but me for the better they can still stay over just not live here. I wil not get better. I need to do what’s right by my children to be happy and harmonious and because of his issues and his daughters issues plus my issues is turning my littlest so far without disorders like her big sister who’s 17 and had a hard life, sounds selfish but I finally had the opportunity to raise a child without 10 years of cbt and reports and integration discrimination etc etc. my little human who is 4 suffering severely by my state and having abandonment issues cause I temp stopped week in week off with their dad because it was uninhabitable for a child. All that has hurt my babies and his baby is a mean bully and now Emma is ever angry when theyre here and so lovely when they’re not. Talking to my kids today was all I needed to know it was the right thing.
I was his forest through the trees for the first 4 months of us and I put up with a lot but I believed in him and I waited. We finally became us and 1 part of us broke, me. I love him so much but why won’t he understand or believe when I say when I’m better he’s back. It’s only for max 3 months and he’s round the corner he can come anytime and her. I dunno what to do should I just end it


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