For shame for Shame

And this is what sparks my Shame, disappointment and furious anger at being the opposite to the mum I want to be and actually am. High days are great, my girls have a beautiful room. This is the biggest issue I have with the depressive side, I neglect mess. Don’t get me wrong I’m messy and love clutter but I hate putrid filth. I’m ok. I know I’ll be right. I’m better and better every day …… Edit: wasnt putrid filth in that photo…I feel lucky I’m can get onto it 🙂




  1. I don’t have kids, so hats off to you. I do, however get depressed more than I’m manic and have clutter like your photo. I usually scoop it up and hide it in the washing machine. Denial is bliss until I have to do laundry =D


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