Best date I’ve ever had.

Was with my ex husband for the best marrying and child bearing years from 28 for 8 or 9 years. Never had a serious relationship or really a relationship before him. I thought what he was, was normal. It made me feel like shit his thoughtlessness, though expressing my feelings about never even gettin cards from my kids for Mother’s Day, birthdays. Presents or anything unless I forced him too, I just got called materialistic.
I finally left his negative, fuck the man, wanna be intellect arse almost 2 years ago now.

I have never really been on a date, I met my beautiful partner in feb this year and as we both had been sep for the same amount of time, him more. We decided we’d call them mates instead of dates cause neither of us wanted a relationship but wanted companionship and amazing sex. Well 8 months later here we are! I’ve never had natural progression, I’m in love for the first time at 38 years old have an extra 5 year old girl and a new family plus his ex’s family and his ex love me hahahah. As my parents are dead all of it just is so beautifully overwhelming.
We had a date night at home last night as the kids aren’t here this weekend and it was the best date I have ever had. We’re not getting married but we are going to have a commitment ceremony and he said he’ll propose in the way I deserve……my ex husband robbed me of every experience I dreamed of having my whole life. The moving in together, the proposal, the wedding, the honeymoon, and every day we were together pretty much.
Babbling sorry. But I just wanted to share and tell it to the world how so very much in love I am. Not sure if the pic will work cause I dunno how to use this shit. :*



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