He just doesn’t get it enough

My boyfriend. So understanding and supportive. Could not ask for a better man to spend the rest of my life with. Sometimes I have to beg him to stop coming at me, he talks at me, trying to get his point across and don’t get me wrong he’s not doing to be a cunt. It’s how we are but right now I can’t deal but he gets angry. I know I should understand what he’s going through and I do, it’s why I’m going for an outreach program for treatment so we all can be well. But fuck me please just shuddup sometimes…… Agree to disagree and stop getting so frustrated with me. Please. Please please. I’m trying my best. It’s not my fault the process is what it is and I can’t help being awake all night sometimes don’t get mad at me for it. Pleeeeeeease. I just burst into tears but they’ll stop in a sec. I’m being selfish.


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