Sorry I swear a lot

I don’t want to offend anyone.




  1. No need for apologies. If you swear, you swear. If it’s part of you, well then nice to meet you. It doesn’t bother me. And don’t let strangers on the internet tell you how you ought to be….. don’t be sad 🙂


      1. Don’t sweat it. Personally, when I’m angry, my favourite word is ‘c*nt’. I think because it is viewed as such an offensive word, it gives me the most satisfaction when I’m angry. Oh, and only reserved for men’s bad behavour 🙂 They’re always so ‘horrified’ when I call them that, but that’s all they’re after anyway, isn’t it? And they say women are confusing…


      2. haha you are too funny. My ex-husband was one of those uptight men. So when I left him I went through a stage of swearing left and right….. until I got a letter of warning at work. I had to curb the joy a bit 🙂


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