grrrrr what a fucked up day

Cunts are fucked and that’s all there is to it.

I’m so fuckin angry but THANK YOU again Prozac, I half kept my shit together. Fuck this process, fuck my story up until now – Cunts are fucked.

Good end though, my beautiful fella has a job interview tomorrow and hopefully then will be regular shifts at the hospital rather than a little here and there – cant make rent again next week all because cunts are fucked but at least if he has a job it will be the last time I’m late with my rent. I’m just hoping my landlord is understanding that even though I’ve been real bad since I first moved in like 5 months ago apart from one month there – i hope now my fella
may get this job i can stop feeling like a piece of shit that cant pay their rent.

I really wanna go to sleep, I hope I can. What a horrid day.

Signed, exhausted by absolutely every thought I have, Lola


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