Can’t stop singing

Oh my god it just makes me so happy. When people interrupt me it makes me so angry. I so wish I could be a singer. I’m too afraid. No amount of confidence or people telling me I can sing or mySelf knowing I am a good singer will ever get me singing properly in front people. Makes it kinda hard to be like a lounge/cafe type cover singer at a little pub or cafe somewhere.
Now my partners home I can’t sing properly like practice sing. You know what I mean? I’ll still sing it but it’s not the same.
I can’t stop today. I’m happy though. My amazing friend is comin for a visit I love him he is smart and honeSt and supportive and I just adore him to tears so I’m more manicky??? Than normal cause I’m excited. I just hope I don’t annoy anyone cause I only have one Valium left and I’m not sure my doc will give me more. Surely he must if my process of diagnosis is in progress but a little further. Prozac has stopped the rAge but not the other symptoms. Oh that deserves it’s own post!


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