Services! Hardship! and Engagement! Oh My!

So the last few weeks, nay months has been full of trying to engage the right services to help me. I knew there was something up, more than the usual fucktardary and thank you to EDVOS for helping me get where I am now….After a 15 page rambly email to the edvos worker, I finally had another face to face when I pulled my fingers out and went to meet her. I told her what I wanted to do and she wholeheartedly agreed with me. She referred me to child first to engage me with the referral service and now I have Camcare, for a family services worker to make sure I keep all my appointments and my positive parenting practices in good stead….EACH to give me a mental health worker to advocate for me to get into the Melbourne Clinic to help me with their outreach program hopefully, headspace for my big human and PS4Kids for my little human.

Funny thing about all of this is – I wanted to go to the Melbourne clinic to get the diagnosis, turns out in order to help get into the melbourne clinic, I need the help of EACH and to get the help of EACH, I need the diagnosis…Soooo, I’m making an appt with a bulk billing shrink my biggest human goes to and hopes he diagnoses and subsequently medicates….Then I will be able to participate in whatever I need to learn about Bipolar and how I can manage it.

So far the prozac is working sooooo well, it’s working for my ragey temper but I’m afraid the hypomania (is it?) has not changed, valium certainly helps with that. I have all but gone through 50 tabs since 16th september and I am certainly not used to that whatsoever … It’s frightening me somewhat..i only have 1 left and an entire weekend if I cant get a docs appt with my doctor, maybe he wont even give me anymore…I dunno

Well see how I go tomorrow eh.

Signed, thoroughly discombobulated by aaaaaall the engagement Lola


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