I’m a bit scared……

I think I’ll be right though. This is my first post.


I don’t how honest I’ll be and that’s pretty fuckin honest right there, but I do know if I cant be honest then it doesnt help. See I am very honest with myself however, deciding whether to post these things to facey to show the world? Now that is another story. I’m not sure if I can, I want to….I so desperately want to but – fuck, what to do what to do?

I dont give a fuck about the stigma attached, or if cunts dont believe in depression or mental health being anything other than dumb cunts who cant do anything for themselves….I just will either fuckin hate that people will know that I am going through it and I don’t wanna be rude and say yeah I know exactly what I need to be doing etc…or people that I love with just blow it off and pretend like I’m just a dumb cunt brings it all on my self….

Who knows, one day I’ll grow a pair….Could be tonight. But one thing is for damn certain – if I show nobody this blog, then nobody will hear me….What a fuckin conundrum…I’m discombobulated and I’m not diggin it this time! 😛


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