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Sorry about the fuck around with the car today. By the time we got there cause the other place was shut….the time was well up before I knew it but I sent her everything I needed to send her today it took me like 4 hours with constant interruptions. Lol finally at 4 o’clock I was able o pay full attention to em hahaha played a game with The little human girl for like 2 hours. The big human girl did the kitchen and sorted the washing and did the bathroom basin so I’m happy I didn’t get anything done today cept for what was wicked important and luckily The biggest human is changing too! I’m just now having a ciggie cause the girls have left and I’m like ahhhhhh. But I swear a little bit of me just died inside when I see them go. I’m on the case but. Be interesting to see what she is wearing to kinder after the second time with specific instructions given to both him and The little human plus The biggest human heard em this time so she can “report” back. He didn’t take too kindly to me requesting he keep up with my routine with the little human. Well…. any parents task with a child when getting them ready for the day out with nanna and kinder. Hmpf. I’m worked up but in a good way 🙂 ball is rolling now with getting C involved with meeting him. 🙂 as it states on the orders he wants unfettered access that is what I’m giving him. I just hope that it’s not so bad over there that a stern talking to by a professional will be enough this time! Evidently the law was not sufficient. What a douche canoe. God I have no respect for that man whatsoever. :/